Cost of dead dog disposal

If you have a pet in your life, then you have a million things to love. But when your best friend says you goodbye forever, this is the saddest moment of your life. This can be a hard thing to put your pet down, but you have to do it. As you are a pet owner, you might know that vet care is not cheap. Whatever options you are going to choose, euthanization can cost anywhere between $50 and $300 (or more).

We have collected a little information about the cost so that if the time comes, you can focus on saying goodbye instead of worrying about the money. 

Cost no 1 putting the dog to sleep

Same as humans, if a dog passes, there are a number of price variables like performing the procedure in the office, at home, or through cremation. Most veterinarians provide at-home euthanasia services, and they travel to someone's home to put their pet to sleep, which costs between $85 to $125. The price depends on how far the home is located. The DEA license for the controlled drug is $250 per year. If a pet owner's request in-office euthanasia it costs $50 for low-income pet owners, the regular charge for owner-requested euthanasia is $150 per dog.


If pet owners want to preserve their pet's memory with ashes in an urn cremation is another affordable option for them. Some companies charge cremation fee according to weight of pet for example at $80 for dogs up to 30 pounds and ranging up to $165 for dogs 101 pounds and heavier. 

However, some companies also offer options to choose between private cremation and communal dog cremation. If a pet owner chooses private cremation, it allows the pet owner to keep the dog's ashes, costing an estimated $135 for an 80-pound dog. On the other hand if a pet owner goes with communal cremation, this is a cheaper option and it cost estimated at $80 for an 80-pound dog, the pet's ashes are disposed of by the crematory with other animals that have been cremated. 

Possible extra costs

For cremation and euthanasia, some additional costs may add up; Then, there are the in-office extras for routine euthanasia.

The exact extra fee is hard to calculate as it varies for every service provider. For example, if you chose a beautiful looking marble urn to hold your pet's ashes it will cost up to $100, or you have an option to bring your urn that will cost nothing. Almost every pet cremation services will provide a certificate of death and a keepsake, like an actual paw-print key chain. Commemorative paw-print picture frame kits may start at $50. 

The better you can plan for the financial repercussions of putting a dog down according to your income and your attachment with your pet. The easier it will be to stay in the moment and say goodbye. Always respect your died pet, he has been a reason to make you happy in his life. 

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